Super Red Beets Auto-Ship Scams & How To Avoid Them

We are seeing more auto-ship programs in the marketplace not only in the super red beets juice industry but in all health and wellness product industries in general.

Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing for consumers as the super red beets company has agreed to give you a discount and you know that you can cancel at anytime (or so you think).

You see, within days of your order, you will forget that you had enrolled into an auto-ship program until your credit card is charged the next month or you see more super red beets juice powder showing up at your door which you never ordered.

So you remind yourself to call the super red beets company before the next auto-ship happens. Sadly, statistics have shown that fewer than 38% of clients will do this, mainly because of their busy lives and forgetfulness. Which means, again, another auto-ship happens the next month.

But sooner or later, you decide to take action and cancel your auto-ship; this is when the real nightmare begins:

(1) The super red beets company has no contact information on their website. More than 67% of clients order online, never calling the company or speaking to a live support agent. OR

(2) The super red beets company's contact information is displayed, and their telephone is no longer in service, or all you ever get is voicemail, and no one ever returns your calls. OR

(3) You do get a hold of the super red beets company, and the operator assures you that your auto-ship has been canceled only the next month you still get billed, receiving more product. So you call back to the company, and now you are told that they have no record of you calling them to cancel your auto-ship. You know that you did call but how do you prove that? OR

(4) You do speak to a live representative, and you do cancel your auto-ship but in the "fine print" that you forgot to read. You will see the words - "30 Days Notice Must Be Given To Stop Your Auto-Ship." Which means you will receive one final auto-ship whether or not you need more super red beets product. OR

(5) You call your credit card company to cancel only to be told by them that your credit card company can not legally do anything about this as you entered into a legally binding agreement.

The only option is to cancel your credit card and then spend hours notifying everyone whom you do business with that they need to update their records with your new credit card information.

Since you can't get your money back, you decide that you may as well consume the lifetime supply of super red beets juice powder which will have expired long before you will ever be able to finish it. So you chalk this up to a lesson in life......"Thou Shall Never Enroll Into An Auto-ship Program Regardless Of How Good The Offer Is."

Finally, with the number of cyberattacks going on and the record number of credit cards being stolen in these attacks. It's never a good idea to let anyone store your credit card on their networks for future use, as that future use may be by criminals using it.

Natural Home Cures has been in business since 2004, and our contact information is prominently displayed on almost every page of our website. In fact, just look at the top of this page; you will see our complete contact details on our banner that is visible on every single web pages that you visit.

We have live in-house, and never outsourced third-party call center representatives who are waiting to take your call and answer your questions right now.

At Natural Home Cures, you only buy products "as needed." You are NEVER locked into a fixed recurring monthly charge.

Natural Home Cures does NOT store your credit card information, so each time you place your order, you must provide those details. Alternatively, Natural Home Cures gladly accepts Paypal, so you never have to give us your credit card.

Doesn't it just make sense to do business with a company who prominently displays their contact information on the top of their website, who has been in business 15 years, does not offer an auto-ship program, does not store your credit card information and has knowledgable "in-house" health and wellness consultants standing by the telephone to answer all of your questions.

That's what you will find with Natural Home Cures your trusted source for quality products.